Monday, February 27, 2012


It's Dr. Seuss week at school.  Every day it's something new.  Today was hat day.  These hats the boys are donning aren't just ANY hats.  They mean something.

(From left to right in the picture)  

Brigham's hat, the droopy viking, is from Ben's college days.  He wore that hat to Ricks College games, football, basketball.  Ben is a pretty spirited guy.  (Just between you and me, he won the Spirit Award in high school.  Cute fella.)  We still have the yellow polka-dotted, granny swim-suit and yellow tutu he would sport for laughs at games, too.  In fact, the majority of our dress-up clothes come from Ben's past.  He had no reservations.  I think he's become more reserved over the years:).

Lincoln's hat was worn by his Grandpa, Ben's dad, when he was in the army.  Notice in the picture below that Lincoln is saluting.  He felt pretty special wearing that hat.

William's hat is from Germany.  When Ben and I first started dating, his parents went to Germany to visit his brother in the Air Force.  Our courtship was pretty quick, as in 3 months, then engagement.  We knew we wanted to get married, but I'd never met his parents.  (Oddly enough, our first REAL date was going out to dinner with his family, minus his mom and dad and Germany-brother.  I was a little nervous.)  Anyway, we went to the airport to welcome his parents home and they gave him this goofy hat.  I think I even wore a fake engagement ring (Ben's idea) to freak everyone out at the airport.  Just for fun.  So, this hat always reminds me of our beginnings together.  12 years later and still going strong!

Annie continues to assert herself as Sam's TRUE mother.  I can't count how many times today she got between me and MY baby, taking over, pushing me out of the picture, giving me a mouthful of HER hair as she smothered Sammy with her love.  It's hilarious and . . . not hilarious.  

Sometimes I don't want to share him.  I get a little testy.  And then she starts doing things on purpose because she knows it drives me crazy.  She must get bored with just me and Sam.  Older brothers add spice to her otherwise lonely existence at home. 

Today was the first day this year that I saw and heard a slew of farm machinery coming down my road.  I got a little tingly thinking that spring may not be too far away.  But then again, maybe they're just prepping their equipment.  I'm not a farmer, I have no idea.  But I was still excited at the thought.

Our weather has been so crazy this year.  Some days, I think my tulips are going to start coming up and then I worry about them because I know there are MANY frosty days ahead.  I'd hate for them to have a premature death before I can enjoy their bright, red beauty.  The same with some of our trees.  Some are budding, but it's too early.  Pray for my trees and flowers, will you?  

Today was also a day where I stayed in my jammies until 6 PM.  I showered minutes before the rice finished cooking, the chicken coming out of the oven, and Ben nearly walking in the door from work.  I had no obligations except to my home and family today.  No reason to get all done up.  Cleaning is so much more fun in sweats, anyways.  I LOVE days like this. 

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Honey said...

I like days like that, too! :)

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