Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Like a hawk.

Follow the progression.  
Sam LOVES watching people eat.  
Can you tell?  
Look at that focus.

Reaching for it.

Just about got it. (Annie kept saying, "Awww, no, Swee-ty.")

(Insert Mom giving him his own cup.)
Now what do I do with it?

Is this right?


 Me n' this cup's like peas and carrots:).


katieo said...

ohymgosh. this is the cutest post in the history of blogging. That little Sam!! so adorable.

hillary said...

Your kids are so PRECIOUS! And, I'm so jealous that your baby has more hair than my 18 month old. Girl. :(
Please feel free share anything you'd like from my blog. It was a most excellent fireside...

Harley said...

I totally agree with katieo! This is truly the cutest post! I want squeeze that little Sam. Can I come visit? :) AND I totally admire your ambition to train for a half marathon....YOU GO! Love ya!

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