Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Why I love dentists.

Because they make THIS:

Look like THIS:

Yes, we love our dentist.  What a guy.

Good as new, except for the fact that he can't eat beef jerky anymore.  All that yanking and pulling doesn't work well on these "new" teeth.

That being said, I had these pictures ready to post in color.  However, boys mouths, ages 8 and up, are NOT PRETTY.  What an awkward time for their little mouths.  All that growing and shifting and cramming in one tiny space is just sad . . . and rather unsightly.  Hence, black and white photos to the rescue!  They had a way of softening all that pre-pubescent madness:). 

I sent the boy-who-shall-remain-nameless to school all smiles this morning.  Success.

(He tried to convince us that he needed ONE more day getting used to his teeth before he went back to school.  Nice try.)


jenifer said...

cute new header.

Honey said...

His teeth look great! Yay for wonderful dentists! :) (And way to keep your cool when it happened. I'm not sure I could have done that.)

Katie The Lady said...

A couple things:
First- what a great job the dentist did on that tooth!

2nd- I love your new haircut! I meant to comment on that post, but forgot.

3rd- I went for a drive to warm my car up yesterday, and saw your house! It is the one on that corner? Such a beautiful house. Maybe next time I find myself driving in the country, I'll stop to say hi.

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