Sunday, January 22, 2012

A pair of polka-dotted boots.

We had some serious cloud-cover this week.  Not my favorite forecast.  Not even close.  Too many consecutive cloudy days.  It always makes my soul feel heavy.  And I torture remind myself that just above those looming clouds is a BRIGHT, blue, radiant sky. 

I never notice a change in myself right away.  I just gradually start drawing inward.  Not caring if I see anyone.  Not wanting to chat.  Feeling kind of "blah" about everything.  Nothing extreme.  Just mild apathy.  I have to exert effort to be excited about each day.  Something that's usually effortless.  I'm sure my kids can see right through my feigned attempts of cheerful mothering, "Wow, this is gonna be a GREAT day, don't you think?!"  when I'm really thinking, "Let's all skip school, stay in our jammies, and do NOTHING.  Absolutely NOTHING, ALL DAY LONG."  Sounds good to me:).

I LOVE light.  Love, love, love it.  The absence of it is hard for me.  Really hard.

One true joy of mine--we're talking soul-food--is taking pictures.  Better yet, finding and executing the "perfect" picture (I'm no professional, by any means), yet, finding inspiration for pictures when I'm light-starved is challenging.  My creativity gets sluggish.  That's a double-whammy: no light, wanting-creativity, and the perfect recipe for one GROUCHY MAMA!

Four days into this cloudy mess I managed to find a bright spot: Annie and her blessed, little lady-bug boots.  Those red and black polka-dots saved me!  I didn't realize how much I needed saving until I recognized the change in myself.  Bless that girl.  Bless those boots.

It was onward and upward from that moment!

Thank heavens.

p.s. I'm pleased to report that TODAY (Sunday) the sun came out, just like Annie said it would, "The sun'll come out, to-morrow . . . ."  It pays to hope.  God never dissappoints.

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Rebecca Belliston said...

Awesome pictures. They're beautiful. I love your blog and catching up on your life. Very fun.

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