Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter.

Annie felt a little left out.  She wanted a hair-cut just like mine.  Do you ever catch yourself thinking that there's only ONE way to do something?  I never thought about cutting Annie's hair, myself.  I never thought I had a choice.  I grew up going to a salon.  Sure, my mom would trim my bangs, but my whole head?  We went to a professional.  I thought to myself, Why not?

I've always wanted to learn how to cut long hair.  I've got boy's down pat.  I watched several you-tube tutorials about bobs and layering.  I figured if I cut it longer than the desired length, we could always run to the salon if I slaughtered it!  We had one hour before all the kids' dentist appointments.  Time was of the essence.  Looking back, that was probably NOT the smartest decision I ever made. 

I was a little nervous with the first SNIP.  Holding the comb AND scissors is so darn tricky.  It took awhile to find my groove.  But, it was so fun.  Annie, however, wouldn't say it was fun.  She kept saying her shoulders hurt, or her neck was tired, or her arms were tired.  Eventually, I started giving her mini-candy canes left over from Christmas.  That kept her complaints to a minimum:). 

I know this is completely anti-climactic.  You were expecting a finished product.  Well, we had to race out the door to get to the dentist.  It's still way too long, a little less crisp than I envisioned.  We're going to have hair-cut, part II, today.  She wants it shorter.  Stylist Mom to the rescue.  I think I'll do even better today.  Cross your fingers.  The layering still makes me nervous.  If I can master this, think how advantageous it would be?  I'm pretty excited.

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