Thursday, January 12, 2012


I love this picture of Sam because of his eyes.  They glow.  When they say that the eyes are the window to the soul, they were right.  This will sound weird, but, have you noticed that giving something eyes gives it life?  Without eyes, it's just some random, inanimate object, but, give it eyes, it comes alive.  Eyes are so telling, don't you think?  Especially innocent, pure, baby eyes.  They just call out, "Love me.  That's all I need." 

"Become as a little child."  There's so much truth in that.

We moved Sammy upstairs to his crib.  His head and feet touched each end of his bassinet.  Graduation.  He and Annie are roomates now.  You can imagine that a certain someone feels pretty darn special.  And you can ALSO imagine that three other certain someones feel pretty darn jealous:).  Can this total adoration last forever?!

Babies and puppies, you just wish they'd stay little forever. 

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Cylee Pressley said...

So handsome! I am with you on the eyes thing...they are amazing and its crazy what you can read from peoples eyes too.

I had to write that I LOVE your hair. Super cute. Where is your little girls after shot though?

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