Thursday, January 5, 2012

The kids.

Sam had a well-check visit.  It was a little embarassing to be a month and a half overdue (seeing as they come every two months at first).  I can't help but get all teary when my babies get immunizations.

I loved our pediatric nurses in Arizona (when I was a new, naive mama), who, after giving immunizations would pass my baby to me quickly, telling me to nurse him and comfort him.  "Take as long as you need," they'd say, knowingly, leaving us in the little room.  I've done that ever since.  I'd soothe my wimpering babes as I nursed them, little tears on their cheeks.  So sad. 

However,--and not that this dulled Sam's pain any--I smiled when the doctor held Sam and said, "This is an A+ kid!"  We LOVE Dr. Jones, and not just because he shares a name with one of our favorite heroes, Indiana Jones, but because he's a great doctor, who gives you his personal cell phone number if you need him!  This came in handy one night, after Sam's circumcision.

I said in my unsent-as-of-now (heh) Christmas cards this year that William is our little bookworm.  When I read, I want to snuggle up on the couch, wrapped in a blanket.  When Will reads, he looks so professional.  Legs crossed, book in hand, timer set.  He always sets a timer to measure how long he reads.  In fact, he ALWAYS sets a timer for everything.  If I say Daddy will be home in twenty minutes, BAM, he sets the timer.  If I say dinner will be ready in forty-five mintues, BAM, he sets the timer.  Silly, serious boy.

And, Annie.  Bless this sweet girl.  Once a week she has a play date.  Yesterday was her day.  Are you ever pained as you watch your kids with their friends?  Pained in a funny, enigmatic sort of way.  She turned into another person.  A few times I pulled her aside and whispered, "Just be yourself."  She was going into baby-talk mode, or would throw her body on the ground just to be funny.  It stemmed from excitement and a desire to impress, I'm sure, but holy cow, it was a riot.  With time, she'll figure out friend etiquette.  For now, I'll remove myself and laugh in a hidden corner of my house.

(Does anyone else out there LOVE Just Dance on the wii?)

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Brya said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Jenna and I always play and sometimes the boys and Chuck will join in. My house is the only place I can shake my groove thang and have fun.

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