Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We spent our Christmas break in Utah.  The great part about our family in Utah is that ALL of Ben's siblings live there, in the same town!  It makes for a pretty crazy group, cousins and all, when we get together in his parent's little house.  They've lived there their entire married life.  The first house they ever built.  All of Ben's memories are in that home. 

The only time I catch sight of my kids is during meals or games.  Otherwise, they're on some adventure with their cousins, which usually involves MANY sweaty boy-bodies.  (Sidenote: many sweaty boy-bodies in a basement can get pretty stinky, if you know what I mean.  Two words: boy smell.  Blech.) 

(Boy, that's a sweet kid.)

Our visit wouldn't be complete without a cousins' football game.  All the little boys idolize the older boys.  The high school boys.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate those big boys.  The time they spend indulging the younger boys is amazing.  Teaching them plays, letting the kids jump all over them CONSTANTLY, keeping the game fair.  It's impressive.  They have compassion and patience.  The makings of great dads someday.

Annie and Brynlee are always connected at the hip.  Or, maybe I should say that Annie is always connected to Brynlee's hip:).  They stick to the girl stuff.  One night (darn it, I forgot my camera) all eight of the girl cousins got together and had a spa night.  Tara, a GORGEOUS, fourteen year-old cousin did all the girls' hair, painted their nails, gave them foot soaks, the whole nine yards!

The adults played games every night.  The ladies had a day of shopping the fantastic after-Christmas sales and I squeezed in a little IKEA trip with my sis-in-law.  Boy, that's a fun place to explore.

I'd say all parties involved, young and old, had a very FUN week together.

I really love those guys.

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