Friday, January 6, 2012


The other day Ben and I were whispering in the kitchen.  I can't even remember what about.  I do remember that he stole a kiss (stole, poor word choice.  I was a willing target.)  Brigham happened upon our rendezvous, eyes filled with suspicion, and said, "You guys are being mysterious."

That's become an oft-used joke with Ben and I.  We try to be mysterious on a regular basis.

But, the real mystery lies in this remark, made by William to Sammy yesterday in the van.  We were driving to town and I'm listening to all the conversation in the back.  Picutre in your mind the sweetest baby-talk you can muster and insert these words, "I just wanna rip you apart and kiss you all over!"

Whoa.  RIP you APART?!  That's got to be the most unknowingly bizarre expression of affection I've heard to date.  Definately something to remember.

We've had a rough morning so far.  Adding Ben to the mix of our morning routine threw us off a bit (he usually has friday off).  Not that we don't love having him around, it just made everyone dawdle.  Usually we're focused, driven, efficient.  The boys barely made it out to the bus.  In his rush--and after my threat that he better get 100% on his spelling test--to get on the bus, Lincoln tripped and fell on our gravel driveway.  He was torn, does he go back into the house, does he get on the bus, crying?  He got on the bus, and boy, did my heart hurt for the fella (but he still better get 100%).

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