Sunday, August 14, 2011


The road to peace begins outdoors.
At least, that's how it works in our family.

Perhaps it's the combination of closeness without being too close.
(Sunshine and a little fresh air don't hurt either.)
We love each other, to be sure.
But, if there is a body close by, what kid can resist pinching another sibling?
Soon pinches have a tendancy to, ahem, evolve . . . if you know what I mean.
I don't care HOW much you love each other.
Kids will be kids.

Outside we go.
All six of us.
Somehow we manage to work out the kinks.
Somehow we all end up laughing.

Like when we went around a circle saying kind things about each other,
and William says--in all innocence, mind you--"Well, um, Lincoln's good at hurting people."
Granted, we all laughed, even Lincoln, until he realized what was said. 
Then he grumbled, "Stop it, guys."
This comment came after a particularly difficult "self-control day" for my sweet warrior, Lincoln.

All was quickly forgotten.
We moved on.
And laughed some more,
all the while devouring a homeade chocolate cake Brigham made this morning.

I love when we can be together,
no demands.
I catch glimpses of my kids as they really are--
Their natural selves in all their uniqueness,
because we're all free to be who we are.
Just enjoying each other.

Those are precious and enlightening times.
Precious, because those are the moments that draw our kids towards us. 
That help us all WANT to be together.
That solidify family traditions.
And, enlightening, because, as their mother, I get to see each of them comfortable enough just being themselves.
Knowing and understanding them helps me to meet their needs more effectively and certainly, a little more like Heavenly Father would. 
I get to know them as the neat little people they are, in the process of becoming the neat people they'll BE. 
Perspective, I guess.

All in all, I'd say pretty cool stuff happens on a Sunday afternoon.

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