Saturday, August 13, 2011

1-2-3 HEAVE!

(Okay, not the most flattering of pictures.  I now have a vague idea of what I'd look like bald . . . and pregnant . . . and eating raw peas at the boys' football practice this morning.)

Well, folks, I thought this day would never come.
Somehow, I fooled myself into believing I was different from 99% of the pregnant population.
Full of energy and vigor to the very end.
Jokes on me . . . completely.

Perhaps some of my exhaustion is from weeks of family get-togethers.
Perhaps its just reality--I AM pregnant.
And my body is tired.
And swollen.
And vein-ridden.
And stretching (sometimes my belly-button just hurts).
And weak.
And . . . miraculously creating a beautiful little life.

Every morning as I heave myself out of bed (heaving is NO exaggeration) and stand half-bent, taking my first labored steps to the bathroom, I am reminded that, at times, even love can feel almost too heavy to bear up.

Yet I can't deny the coolness that without my doing anything (except living the day to day), there's a BABY growing inside of me.  Miracle.  Seriously.

I guess I better heave myself into bed and make this heaving come full-circle--out of bed and back in again.  I'd hate to miss out on a full experience.  Wah-hah, tell me another one, Lanette.

Sweet dreams, All.  Until tommorow, when the heaving begins . . . again.

p.s. for those more curious souls, here's my definition of heaving: whilst lying in bed, raising one's leg straight up and catapulting it down, thereby using momentum to thrust my upper-half up into a sitting position.  Not pretty . . . trust me on this one.

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