Wednesday, June 8, 2011

To appreciate a day.

I know we appreciate and understand something more by experiencing its opposite.  Winter is the opposition that helps me EMBRACE days like this.  Sunday.  It couldn't get any more perfect.

See that patio furniture?  My first official craigslist purchase.  I bought them about three months ago.  I was going to repaint them, then I fell in love with them in all their bright-blueness.  They're happy being blue.  I have a bench on the other side of the patio.  I love that ever so slowly I'm creating the home of my dreams.  A sweet, little home that doesn't cost a fortune but is put together piece by piece, full of sentimentality and adventure.  There's a story with each addition. 

I planted all my annuals last weekend.  There is something about a terra cotta pot with red geraniums that makes me happy.  Just so you know, I have yet to keep flowers alive the entire summer.  I'm hoping to tend them with motherly love.  I talk to them.  I'm trying to figure out just how much water they need.  That's my problem.  I'm better (well, that's relative) at mothering children than petunias and marigolds.  Somehow, my kids are my most successful perennials to date!  They just keep growing and blossoming and changing in the most beautiful and unexpected ways.

1 comment:

Candy said...

I want to come sit on your bright blue patio furniture. I love it and would love to catch up with you!
I also love your kid's freckles. Really.

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