Friday, June 10, 2011

It's all about white.

Two years I've thought and stewed about this.
Two years I've researched.
Finally, I did it.  Well, we did it. 
I think I've convinced my better half that it was a beautiful idea.

Have you ever thought about white furniture?  Have you thought it impossible because of your little blessings that run around the house with cheetos fingers and pizza sauce faces?  Impractical, you say.  Someday (sigh).  Well, I considered every dirty part of my childrens' bodies.  I considered the maintenance.  I TRIED to change my mind.  BUT, it didn't work.

I decided that I was willing to take on the challenge because I love living in beauty.  White was beauty to me.  Light, airy, fresh, peace.  Those are the feelings I wanted.  The essence of my home.  I feel like homes have a feeling about them.  This house is different than our last.  This house feels like an inside-is-an-extension-of-the-outside kind of house.  There so much natural light (which I'm mildly obsessed with).  White felt like the perfect backdrop to all that lovely light.

The clincher on this deal came from this post and this post.  This designer resonates with me, she has lots of great, practical, REAL, down-to-earth feelings about decorating a home.  I wanted to live WITH my white furniture and not AROUND it.  I'm not an untouchable-house kind of person.  We're all about comfort over here.  And I'm not interested in spending a fortune to get the look I want.  I was one click away from purchasing my furniture from a company in NC, not cheap, and luckily I found an alternative option that made me equally happy...and Ben REALLY happy (budget-wise).

It's been two weeks.  I'm still in love with them.  Still very happy with our choice.  We've had muddy days, sunny days, sprinkler days, yardwork days, rainy days ( a few of those), and we're coming out on top. 

I've been sick for twelve days now, a cold/cough I can't shake.  I have to admit that I've loved staying at home because I've moved everything under the sun in my house: pictures, paintings, candle holders, flowers, knick-knacks, furniture, pillows, all in an effort to create a look that speaks to me.  I'm getting closer every day, but there's more to come.  We're adding moldings throughout the main floor of the house and changing the paint color.  We moved the leather furniture upstairs and created a great gathering place there.  Reading scriptures upstairs is cozy and a few steps away from the kids' bedrooms.  A great winding-down sort of room.

Stay tuned for more updates.  I'm praying it all turns out as dreamy in real life as it does in my head.  Cross your fingers.


jenifer said...

oh, i LOVE it!! seriously. can i live at your house?! or, can you come decorate my new house? k.

Honey said...

Just the other week I was thinking how much I would enjoy a home-tour of YOUR home. So lovely.

katieo said...

Lanette! It looks GREAT!
Way to take the risk - totally paid off.

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