Monday, June 6, 2011

Carters of Arabia.

Cheesy title.  I know.  I couldn't resist.  Probably because it's 10:30pm, and I'm walking in my sleep.  I'm learning that playing blog-catch-up is not a game I necessarily enjoy, at all.  The day to day posts are so much easier.  I'm almost back to the present.

While driving to UT over Memorial Day weekend, our transmission went out on our Odyssey.  To say we were disappointed would be an understatement.  However, there is always a bright side to every situation.  I could list a multiplicity of ways in which the Lord looked out for us during this expensive inconvenience.  One of the highlights: Ben's parents and sister/husband with five kids all road-tripped with us back home.  We needed a ride, they needed a vacation.  Yeehaw.

We went to the sand dunes.  Their kids had never been.  I see these dunes as one of eastern idaho's wonders of the world (according to myself), a mass sahara-like environment nestled at the feet of the rocky mountains.  Kinda neat.  What a great backdrop for pictures.  I had too much fun with the ol' Canon.

Hopefully, it will make you want to come and visit me.  I love to play hostess, really, I do.  Just give me some advanced notice so I can spray lavender water all over your sheets and iron your pillowcases.  (fyi: my mom really DOES iron her pillowcases for guests.  It's rubbed off on me.  Funny what we pass down through generations.)


katieo said...

Thanks for the invite! I'll be there around 6! with all my kids!

No seriously, your house is our favoritest ever. You are the best hostess in the world. I still dream about your guest bed. So cozy!

It's funny, as soon as I opened this post and saw the first pictures, I thought, "we have to visit the carters!!"


We shall make it up there eventually!

Poulsen Family said...

I guess it's time to upgrade to an Acadia :)
Those dunes are looking inviting. It's sad, Christopher's parents live a mile away from them and we've only gone a handful of times.

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