Tuesday, May 17, 2011


 (This bird-feeder brought to you by Lincoln.  Clever little fella.)

(I wish, wish, wish dandelions weren't considered weeds.)

I've learned something about myself.

It took awhile to experience the "ah-ha" because--until now--we've always lived in neighborhoods.  Now we're in the "wilds."  Hah, as wild as a little country outskirt can be!  I've lived in this home for two years.  I've had two years to learn about my country-self.  I like what I've become--or maybe, it's who I've always been but had yet to discover.

I have a personal relationship with most of my trees.  I know where the sun rises and sets in each season and I have my favorite times of day when the sun shines just so.  I've learned how my plants change, seen how they grow.  I experience all these phenominal naturey smells that are fresh and wholesome and pure.  I love the sound of crunching gravel when I walk down the sides of my country roads and the water as it rushes through canals and irrigation ditches.  I notice the crop-growth, little by little.  And the birds, ah, the birds are everywhere making the sweetest, happiest sounds.

I have inklings of a naturalist in me . . . and Ben, well, not so much.  He thinks I'm looney as I go to my lofty places with nature.  Maybe he's jealous of this love affair, thinks I'm becoming a tree-hugger?  I bet that's it.  And . . . maybe I am . . . a little bit.  But, come on, I'm not 100% granola.  I DO love to chop a tree here and there:).

I hope you are enjoying your little piece of this beautiful world as much as I'm enjoying mine.  


Logan and Tanya said...

You make me smile, Lanette!

Rebekah said...

love it
get it
want to wax poetic in it, too

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