Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day Trip.

Last weekend we wanted to discover something new and exciting without having to drive miles and miles to get there.  About twenty miles away, a few towns over, we found our adventure.  We packed a picnic, ate on an "island" made by a fork in river, played in the sand, walked in the sunshine, added a few more freckles, and laughed.  Oh, and I fell in love with an old house sporting the cutest sunroom.  I was mildly covetous until I thought about my own little house in the country bursting with red-blossomed tulips. 

I was expecting more of a "hike" type of activity, but we were flexible and had a great Saturday of fun together...which, really, is what it's all about anyway, right?

(Ben had something to prove to his unbelieving posse.)


(Will's my poser.  He loves getting his picture taken.  Seriously.)

(Brigham...well, he DOESN'T love getting his picture taken:).  But he smiles, just the same.)

("Hmm...if I could just get over this orange fence...I could have a lot of fun...")

(These are Yoda's living quarters (according to them)...just in case you couldn't tell)

(Seriously, how cute is that?!)

(And that, too...)

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