Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Goat Whisperer.

I went with Lincoln's Kindergarten class to the zoo. 

I had told a friend several weeks earlier that there was NO WAY they'd get me on a field trip when I was pregnant so I could exhaust myself chasing around a herd of sweet little six year-olds.  Hah!  A week before the trip, Lincoln's teacher caught me unawares and extended the invitation.  I can never say no, so, there I was, pregnant, chasing kindergarteners.  BUT, to my surprise, it was great.  I felt great.  And I'm sure that Lincoln felt like a million bucks knowing his mom was there chaperoning his group.

I need to score as many brownie points with that sweet boy as I can.  Sometimes I feel like all I do is nag on him or tell him he can't do something (...or it could kill him...aka, make fires, climb extreme heights, drive the motorhome to his friend's house, etc.).  I look for as many positives as I can and run with them. 

His favorite: the goats.  I'm assuming this was because of the hands-on nature of the exhibit (glad they don't let you in with the lions:)).  He brushed and brushed that little goat slowly and methodically amidst the chaos.

I'm so gald that I said yes, when in my heart I wanted to say no.  And, thankfully, my heart changed that morning as I watched him get ready for school with excitement and wonder.  And to think, I got to share a piece of that with him.   

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Amy said...

I'm glad that you went, too! Lincoln is a cute kid!

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