Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Unfortunately, I'm having to play catch-up from the last few weeks.  Prepare yourself for several posts in a row.  However, you'll already know that since this will be the last of the blog post marathon.

Our weather is becoming glorious and grand on a more consistent basis.  The first of those days, we went on a family bike ride, meaning that the kids and I ride while Ben totes Annie on the four wheeler.  Poor Ben is without a bike at the moment.  I'm thinking Father's Day would be a good time to invest.  However, I think he'd prefer his four wheeler (just between you and me). 

We rode to the pond we frequented almost daily last summer.  It's filling up fast and the kids wanted to swim skip rocks in it.  I can't explain what being outside, breathing fresh farm air, does for me.  It's akin to total ambrosia.  We had a lovely time together, besides the fact that Brigham went about 1 mph because his bike was the oldest of the bunch.  Buck up, little fella.  We're not about entitlement in this family.  A bike is a bike is a could be walking.

The kids spent most of their time trying to dig up what they thought was the biggest rock along the shore.  It was a real team effort, in case you couldn't tell.  And they did it! 

I love being with my family when we can be outside, enjoying this beautiful world.  Joyful.

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Honey said...

You look darling!
Loving all of your posts.

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