Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Garden 2011.

Two weeks ago we planted our garden.

This year will be different.  We did some major soil-improvement at the Carter household.    Maybe I should say, this year BETTER be different.  I've committed Ben to being a more active participant in the weeding of said garden.  I don't see myself wanting to give birth amongst the carrots and potatoes.

The kids' eyes brim with excitment when it's planting time.  They had their own little plots again this year.  I'm crossing my fingers that they'll nurture their bit of earth and keep the weeds at bay. 

I was somewhat of a party-pooper.  It was very chilly that day.  You and I know that I don't DO chilly.  I had an attitude with Ben.  He was so patient.  Since I couldn't bait him, I went inside.  They finished up the corn without me.  Have I told you that I hate planting corn?  I do.  Well, I hate our lack of success with corn.  Oh well.  This year WILL be different, right?

"Faith is like a little seed . . . if planted it will grow."  I've got the faith.  I wish all I had to do was plant the seed and God would take care of the rest.  In other words, Lanette is lazy. 

Here goes nothing.

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Logan and Tanya said...

DARLING post, Lanette! Good for you guys... we should make up some kind of competition for our kids to try & keep the garden weeded...Carter's vs Bingham's...maybe that will do it? ;) I'm completely counting on help with weeding, and I'm not even threatening to give birth among the potatoes...or at all! Excited for the "August post" when you don't know what to do with all the _______ your harvesting! :)

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