Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Simmering down and the trouble with dentists.

(Uniform/Profession day at school today: Construction worker, Soldier, and Cowboy.)

Well, I've simmered down a bit.  That Angelina Jolie fiasco was a bit intense and perhaps a little impulsive.

Do you ever have moments where you think back to who you were, as a teenager, maybe, and forget the person you've become, who you are today?  My Angelinaness stemmed from an intense teenage personality when everything had to be a thrill or it wasn't worth doing. 

I stepped back and realized how much I've changed since then.  I am not the same person.  Certainly I love a thrill, who doesn't, but I'm a little wiser today than I was then.  More contented.  I look forward to the slow days.  The curled-up-with-a-book days.  The snuggling-with-your-kids-days.  The being-at-home days.  Life is good.  So good.  And I love the person I've become.  I love the life that Ben and I have created together with our sweet little family.  So, my identity crisis was not so much a crisis as it was a temporary forgetting of the present.  My wonderful life, at present.
(Annie had to dress up, too.  Profession: dragon with unruly bedhead.)

Now that we've taken care of that issue, let's hit the next one.  The dentist.

I'm terrified and embarrassed.  Ben and I haven't been to the dentist in 2 (um, maybe 3) years!  Add to that, the dentist office I really want to go to (loved by all, recommended by tons of people) has only young, handsome dentists.  Not the sort you want looking at your 2 year-old decaying mouth.  How embarassing!  I want a sweet, old grandpa to do the dirty work.  I've about convinced myself to swallow my pride.  Not like I'm going to marry any of them, right?  But still, first impressions are important to me.  What would they think?!  I'm not careless about my hygeine!  I care, I really do!  Hah!  I'm a nerd!  This is ridiculous! 

I'll have to tell you how it goes.  Our appointments are in two weeks.  That's two more weeks of tooth decay!  Two more weeks to add to my embarassment!  You're probably all thinking, "Get over it, Lanette."  And you would be right.  I will.  In two weeks.

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Amy said...

You ought to try out Dr. Strobel's dentist office here in town. We've known them for years and they are the greatest family (8 boys and 1 girl). We've referred a lot of Gees there and they all love it. And he's a grandpa!

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