Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Whenever the wind blows, and it does . . . A LOT in Idaho, our swings get all tangled together. 

When I see them out my back window I think of a couple, madly in love, all tangled up.  Swings and lovers, an odd association, but, I'm a lover through and through, can't help it.  My tangled swings make me smile.

When Ben walks in the door from work I try to get all tangled up with him (much to my childrens' chagrin).  He embarasses easily.  However, deep down I know he LOVES it!  What husband wouldn't want his woman plastered to his body?

Tangled in Love.  Sounds sweet, doesn't it?


Poulsen Family said...

If you haven't, you should make sure to see the movie Tangled. So cute! That's what I thought of when I read your title.

PS I don't miss that wind.

Cylee Pressley said...

I have to tell you, I read one of your posts on the "Happiness Project" and was so interested that I went out and bought the book! I am LOVING it!

So thank you for sharing such great ideas that inspire and uplift.

Debbie and Bobby said...

Cute post Lanette! You have a great way of looking at thie ordinary every day things and applying to our loves :O)

Shelley Gee said...

Hey, what's this blog rated! That is some pretty "Parents Strongly Cautioned" material there. I think you should lay off the Marcia McLure :D

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