Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Feeling a bit tired over here.  

The minute I start thinking I'm ready to have another babe something throws me for a loop.  Sam used to be so easy, so manageable.  In other words, I had complete control.

No longer.

There are days when I'm ready for Sam to nap at 9 in the morning.  Evil mom that I am, I entertain the thought that it would be nice if he stayed asleep until Ben got home from work.  Some days are like that.  Consecutively.  Heh.

I love the kid.  I do.  I kiss his face all day long.  But my mind gets so tired from keeping up, being patient, trying to teach instead of get upset.  It's hard work.

I need to keep reminding myself what my mom always says, "Life by the inch is a cinch.  Life by the yard is hard."  It's true.  I can get through an hour, an afternoon, a day, even.  But when I start thinking about an entire week, I feel inclined to run.  Away.  Fast.

Such is my season.  I'll get by.  I know it.  I just want to do it right.  


Amy said...

Amen. Ah...the refining fire of motherhood!:) I am sure that you are doing an awesome job!!

belliesue said...

So true! I will have days that I feel like things are going amazingly peaceful...only to unravel completely and tornado upside down by the time 3:00 hits. The patience is gone, voice tone is short, and bedtime couldn't come earlier. So much for the peaceful feeling at 2:59. Keep up your great work!!! Also, 9 months brings change and maturity...sometimes:)

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