Friday, April 5, 2013

A day off.

First day of Spring Break was about as mellow as you could get.  

I heard this a few times, "You are the meanest mom on the planet."  I love my kids.  The gratitude oozes from them.

Why my kids want to watch movies instead of playing outside is beyond me?  Honestly, I think they're trying to switch gears.  Winter in Idaho is like hibernating (if you don't ski or snowmobile).  Now that things are thawing, it's time to shift our focus outside instead of in.

Once I get them out the door, they're fine.  They remember how warm the sun feels, how fast they can ride on their bikes, how much freedom they have because I can't see them (they've abused this a time or two already, ALREADY!  Boys.).  

I had nowhere to be except home.  I watched the kids play, soaking up the sun (my freckles are back).  Pirates.  My boys were pirates up in the trees and I loved it.  They're so funny.  
"Ahoy, Mateys."  
"Avast ye, Scurvy Dog."  
"Land Ho!" 
"Get on the boat, ye Scalleywag."  That's what they called Charlie who was lazying below.

Annie, well, Annie's different.  She sat by me and COPIED A BOOK word for word in a notebook with a pencil.  You couldn't have paid me to do that as a kid.  She kills me. 

It was all about simple fun today.  The best kind in my opinion.  I appreciate my kids so much more when we have no plans, nowhere to be, and we can just play.  I hate being a nag, I hate deadlines.  I'm a fun-seeker.  Playing is what I do best (this is a good thing...and a bad thing).

Today I got my wish...until we went to the library later that afternoon.
 I had a $70 fine.  
Kinda put a damper on things.

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