Monday, January 28, 2013

My snow day.

The trees and shrubs are flocked with snow.  It took an hour for Ben to plow the driveways this morning.  And the kids are devastated that school is, in fact, still a go.

As for me, well, I'm imposing a self-appointed snow day.  For myself.  I have season 2 of Downton Abbey sitting on my counter waiting to be watched...and savored.  I keep asking myself if I should feel guilty about lazing away my morning with a TV show?  To satisfy my guilt I thought if I had a project to work on, something to sew or the like, than I could justify it more easily.  I looked in my stash and thought, Meh.

BUT, I will do a load or two of laundry.  Just because.  How's that for appeasing my guilt?

We've had a few choice snippets out of the mouths of babes this past week.  Just had to jot down a few:

I was talking to Lincoln about praying for help and said,
Me: You have to pray about it, Sweetheart.
Lincoln: It doesn't work!  I did the rain dance and IT didn't stop!

Rain dancing as a form of prayer? Yes, IF you're an Indian.  Lincoln, I'm afraid, missed that bloodline.

Me: Hey, Will, you wanna take that garbage out?
William: I'll ask Brigham, he loves to take out the garbage.
(a minute later, without a word, Brigham walks into the kitchen and takes out the garbage!)

Annie: I can't remember what Heavenly Father and Jesus look like.
Me: Well, they have beards...
Annie: Wait!  Don't tell me!  I wanna wait til' I die...

Annie: Wanna play I spy (while driving in the car)?  I'll go first.  I spy something white.
Me:  The snow?
Annie: Nope.
Me: Well, I don't see anything else that's white.
Annie:  Mommy, we just passed it!  It was that tree over there with snow on it!
Me: Oh, sorry.  (there are trees EVERYWHERE, and she's mad that I missed THAT tree...with the snow on it...go figure?)

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