Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Citizen of the Year.

I am the proud granddaughter of Sugar City, Idaho's, Citizen of the Year!

I always knew my grandma was special, that she did "more than the average bear," although she'd never admit it.  She's too humble.  On the other hand, she's always been just Grandma, too.  She has spent her life neck-deep in noble civil causes, and yet I credit her for teaching me how to french braid, for showing me how to can pears, for writing me letters with sweet little pictures on my birthday when I was younger (that I still have), and proving that, even at 91, she can get up each morning and find someone who needs her help.

She's a force to be reckoned with, just ask her mayor.

Grandma's given much to her community, but what she's given to her family--her legacy--is something worth cherishing.  I find myself hoping that there's a little of her in me, that I can buck up and move forward in life with her gusto.  

Grandma's been without Grandpa for twenty years now, but I'll bet that she's been working just as hard down here as he's been working up there.  Without a hitch, she'll jump in right along side him and off they'll go as if they'd never been apart.  What a bittersweet day that will be.  I can't really imagine her ever leaving us.

There's no way around it, I love my Grandma.  As the Mayor of Sugar City said that night, "She may be the littlest person I know, but she's also the biggest."  Amen.

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