Thursday, November 15, 2012

This boy.

That's Lincoln WORKING on the leaves, while Annie sits in the doorway circling toys she wants for Christmas.  

Note courtesy of--you guessed it--Lincoln.  I love the "Ben and Mom" part.

I thought I'd mention just how great a kid Lincoln is, nose-picking and swearing aside.  Because the way I see it is this: we all have these fantastically wonderful qualities about us...and, the ugly truth of the matter is that we also have fantastically not-so-great things about us, too.  (We just pray that the people in our lives will love us regardless.)

For example, I may be a neat-freak with a clean house 99% of the time, BUT, but, but, I'm a horrible planner.  I double-book my life ALL THE TIME and as a result I feel like I'm constantly reneging and am therefore, undependable.  I may be cheerful most of the time, but I've lost track of how many times I've stuck my foot in my mouth..."Oh my goodness, you're PREGNANT! When are you due?'re not?  Well you didn't really look pregnant, I just could've sworn I heard from so-and-so that you were...(to myself: Shut your mouth, shut your mouth, STOP TALKING.).  

See what I mean?

Lincoln and I went to the grocery store the other night.  He was getting a cart for us when an older lady walked in, waiting to get a cart too.  Lincoln looked at her, and I watched as the wheels in his head started turning.  He walked up to her and asked so gentleman-like, "Would you like me to get you a cart?"  Just like that.  Her jaw dropped and she praised him to no end.  I stood back and smiled, he surprised me too.

I kind of crushed him into my bosom, hah, while we were walking past the lettuce and carrots, letting him know that he did a GREAT thing.  

Just like I'm a neat-freak, Lincoln is compassionate.  Over and over again he humbles me right when I start to lose hope, as if God is working through that little boy, reminding me not to give up, to keep loving him, keep teaching him.

There's hope for us all, isn't there?  All we need is a little time.

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