Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dance and a cowgirl gone bad.

Annie had her first dance/gymnastics recital!  
I'd say she loved it.  
A lot.  
And we were so excited to have my parents and grandmother come along to watch Annie show us her stuff.
She's a little goofy when all eyes are on her, but when it's time to perform she really focuses.  And, she's actually pretty good (which is GREAT for our family because not many of us excel in the coordination category:).

However, I was a titch worried when we got home and she sported this little number.  I like to call it Annie-Oakley-meets-Pretty-Woman.  What do you think?  Cowgirl gone bad?  A great first-day-of-kindergarten outfit, right?  More like, what NOT to wear...outside of the safety of your own home and the watchful eye of your mother.  

A hilarious side note for your reading pleasure: when I first bought those boots, um, maybe six years ago, the first thing out of my friend's mouth was, "Hey, nice HOOKER boots."  She wasn't kidding:).  

1 comment:

Poulsen Family said...

"Hooker" boots are a must for Idaho winters! My husband has teased me since we were dating about my pair. Doesn't stop me from wearing them :)

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