Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bill O'Reilly, Grocery-girl, and cankles.

Usually you're supposed to post if you have something to say.  I'm not really sure if I have anything major to talk about, but, sometimes those make the best posts.  The "anything" posts.

I read an article by Bill O'Reilly in the paper today about the Chick-fil-A fiasco.  I was a little out of the loop with this one.  I kept seeing all this Chick-fil-A stuff on Facebook but never really paid any attention to it.  

Say what you will about Bill, I'm sure some of you aren't fans.  Personally, I like him.  He makes me laugh.  He has common sense.  I usually agree with him, like when he said, "To brand someone a hater or a bigot because he or she opposes an expansion of traditional marriage to one selected group is unfair and narrow-minded.  The converse is true, as well.  If someone sincerely believes that so-called "marriage equality" is the fair and just thing to do, that belief should be respected."  He hit the nail on the head with RESPECT.  Holy cow--it doesn't matter how you feel about this issue--people have forgotten how to respect each other ESPECIALLY when they don't agree.  That's so sad to me.  Freedom of expression goes both ways.  Okay, I'm done. 
Our garden has been good to us.  We're enjoying the burst of flavor that you just don't get from grocery-store produce.  I love driving around seeing gardens big and small all over the place.  It's so fun to grow something, ANYTHING, isn't it?  I'm still surprised that I can plant a seed and it will grow :)!  The farmers all around us are bailing hay right now.  The grain is turning that beautiful golden color.  Things are wrapping up.  School has already started for some people.  It makes me wanna cry.  I'm just not ready to kiss my summer goodbye.

I was bagging groceries next to a teenage girl last weekend.  She was telling me that she never wanted to get married and certainly NEVER wanted to have children.  I was a little sad.  I'm not sure what kind of life she's had (she implied that it wasn't so great), but she was shocked when I said that Ben was with the kids so I could spend a few hours on my own.  I realized that our opinions are formed from our own experience.  I think she was skeptical about happy, functional families.  Do they still exist?  Is it even possible anymore?  I wanted to shout, YES!  I wish I could have infused her with hope for her own future.  Decisions determine destiny.  I wonder what her life will be like in fifteen years?

William sprained my ankle at soccer practice last Wednesday.  (I guess it was a dumb idea to challenge the kids to a game of coach vs. THE ENTIRE TEAM!  Not the smartest move I've ever made.)  It's still so swollen and ugly.  It makes my cankles even more cankly, as if having cankles isn't curse enough...oh, wait, AND varicose veins.  I'm in rough shape over here.

But, cankles and varicose veins aside, my upper-half is somewhat presentable.  I can still smile and laugh and visit with good friends and have a wonderful time (just don't look down)!  That's enough for me.

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