Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Did you guys see it yesterday, the transit of Venus across the sun?  
My kids and I had been looking forward to it for over a week.
This is what we saw, in our part of the world. 

The day--as luck would have it--was grim, cloudy, brisk, and WINDY.  We weren't sure if we'd even be able to SEE the sun, let alone a teeny little dot-of-a-planet passing in front of it!  I crossed my fingers, said a prayer (sure that the Lord would want us to see His wonders) and stuffed the kids into our van so we could borrow a welding helmet from a neighbor.

William and I were most excited.  We'd pass the helmet whenever the sun peeked through the clouds.  I kept doubting what I was seeing.  It's pretty easy to "think" you see a little dot on the sun.  But we saw it!  All the kids, including our neighbors', caught a glimpse.

Some kids (all of mine) were a little distracted by the neighboring farm-life.  But, they make for great pictures, so, whatever.  Let them love the chickens, right?

Sure, this wasn't the grandest spectacle for little kids.  Maybe if we were at a science center or something where they had stronger telescopes, they would've been more impressed.  BUT, I wanted them to see something that they'd only get to see ONCE in their lifetime.  The next transit is December of 2117!

This world is amazing.  It's full of miracles and wonders if we TAKE TIME TO SEE THEM.  I can't deny the thrill that passes through me when I'm lucky enough to catch one happening.  

Even down here on earth there's so much to see.  Like this miracle, in the photo below.  How in the world killdeer (fyi that's a bird) ever survive 'til birth is a miracle to me!  They lay eggs all over our yard, ON THE GROUND.  Usually on our driveways.  This little batch is in our mulch.  To me, they are beautiful.

And I can't help but love them even more when the momma bird distracts me from her nest by running around our yard, pretending she has a broken wing, just to draw me away from her babies.  Moms are the same, no matter what species.

All in all, it was a magical day, UNTIL 10:30 at night when Ben and I decided to cover our not-so-tiny garden with sheets just in case we had a frost.  BLOW ME DOWN, MATEYS!  Cold, windy, tortuous, pitch-black, muddy, BLECH!  

I would've died as a pioneer. 

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Candy said...

those pictures of the kids holding chickens are hilarious. They are SO much braver than I would be! Those chickens are HUGE! And they're holding them like they are teddy bears or something. Sheesh! I love how the kids are barefoot AND I'm pretty sure that other little girl is wearing her skirt inside out. I love it! so carefree. Darling kiddos, and again, great photos.

Hope you are feeling better about you know what. I've been thinking about you a lot.

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