Monday, May 21, 2012

First ride.

Annie taught herself to ride a bike today.  You should have seen her prepping herself: helmet, knee pads, knee-highs, and boots.  Safety first, right?

Kids are so different.  Lincoln was riding a two-wheeler at two and a half...with NO inhibition.  How I prayed for that boy's life!!

Annie is a little more cautious.  A little more safe.  She's five.
She crashed a few times.
But didn't' give up.

Proud as a peacock, that girl.

My favorite: picking a wedgie.  Every time she put down her feet she had to do a little undie-adjustment.  Those bike seats can be pret-ty tricky, if you ask me:).

She got the hang of it and later tonight rode circles around the driveway for Ben.  I was delighted and, if we're honest, totally relieved because now she can keep up with me on our walks.  
(Insert a lusty Mel Gibson in all his Braveheart-self, "FREEEDDOOOOMMMMM!"  And that would be me.)

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