Monday, March 5, 2012

Army guys and hydrangeas.

Sometimes life appears to be in order.  Everything in its place.  Predictable.  And then, you find a GI Joe.  Or better yet, a whole covert battalion (amongst religious lit, no less...Shel Silverstein is practically religion, right?).

I love order.  In my home.  As a person, I'm much more spontaneous.  So when I find little armies mixed in the Feng Shui, I'm caught off guard, and then I laugh.  Because, really, it's so cool.  Army guys and hydrangeas (fake hydrangeas, actually)?  YES.  That is my life, right there before my eyes.  There is absolutely no way to take my life seriously.  And if I tried, I'd be setting myself up for a world of disappointment.  

Let it go.  That's one mantra I live by.  Although some things are easier to let go than others.  Like, when Lincoln tells me a boy in his class wore 100 coats to school the other day (easy to let go), versus Will using a skateboard to catapult ice chunks at Lincoln while he's swinging on a swing (not so much).

Life is so random with these little ankle-biters.  

Annie came inside with a chunk of ice in her mouth.  She took it out and held it up to my face, "Doesn't it look like heaven?"  Heaven?  Hmm.  Original, and sweet, even...and, unsanitary, considering that the ice came from a muddy puddle on our gravel driveway.  But somehow, it was so cute, her sucking on that nasty piece of ice.

Then we battled it out with light sabers.  Me and Annie.  Believe me, that was a sight.  Annie, in her Darth Vader robe, myself, in a pink, ruffly cardigan.

I had to teach a lesson in Lincoln's classroom today.  It's called Second Step.  Parents take turns teaching the class social-emotional skills.  My assignment: Anger Management.  I never imagined I'd be teaching a classroom of seven year-olds deep breathing techniques, among other things.  It's kind of hard to take yourself seriously in that situation.  I'm sure the only brownie points I scored in there came from holding a cute, little baby in my arms.  Forget anger, let's all hold the baby!

Do you see what I mean about the randomness?  Maybe I should say, random coolness, because to me, these things are the makings of a pret-ty cool sort of life.  

Army guys and hydrangeas.  Yep.  Pretty cool.


Team said...

Three words...Dancing GI Joe's.
I think Eric is still mad at us for making fun of them back in the day. ")

Lanette said...

Ha! I haven't thought about that in YEARS! So funny:). Thanks for the great memory. (Although I'm sure Eric wouldn't agree!)

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