Friday, February 17, 2012


Love (full of it).
Sick (full of that, too).

That was me on Valentine's Day.  What an awful way to feel on such a LOVELY day.  Seriously.

Somehow the day was too reminiscent of my first trimester with Sam.  Feeling nauseous for days at a time made me start to wonder if I was pregnant (!!).  The flu can play AWFUL tricks on you.  (It would have been a miracle pregnancy, because there's NO WAY I'm ready for that again.  Yet.)

Sick or not, I was determined to make this day special for my little brood.  Pancakes were the easiest thing for me to make and smell.  HUGE, bright-pink heart shaped pancakes with whipped cream?  Even better!  Breakfast down, lots of things to go.

Annie's preschool was having a Valentine's Tea.  She had to wear her Sunday best.  I got her dressed, hair done, tights on, with minimal light-headedness.  I think she made her valentines a week in advance.  All by herself.  Boy, she's a self-motivated little girl.  When she was making them I saw her starting to cut out a BLACK heart.  Black.  It seemed a little foreboding.  A little dreary.  I suggested orange (?).  That was the extent of my helping that sweet darlin'.  Out the door she went.  Into bed I went.

Sammy was so kind to his sick mama.  So content to lay by me on the bed playing with his rings.

Because I was sick for days before Valentine's Day, I hadn't prepared anything for Ben.  I didn't expect anything from him either, he was so busy being Mr. Mom for days.  That was gift enough for me.  The night before, I realized my dilemma.  I was hoping Ben would understand my lack of fantastic Valentine's surprises.  I tried to reassure myself that Ben and I don't need a holiday to prove our love:).  It's Valentine's Day all year round at our house!  However, before I fell asleep I came up with a LOVELY idea.  

After the kids got off the bus, we drove to his office about 30 miles away.  We found his car and HEART-ATTACKED it!  I'm sure he didn't expect A THING that morning when he kissed me goodbye, nasty-sick-morning-breath and all.  The kids loved being sneaky, loved looking at people as they drove by.  I was so grateful for their help.  It was a bright, happy sight for such a dreary, windy, COLD day.  I could tell Ben loved it, because he called home five minutes after he got out of work, asking the kids what they'd done to his car.

Ben brought home flowers for Annie and I.  They were beautiful.  I wish I could afford to have fresh flowers throughout my house all year round.  That would be dreamy. 

My mother and aunt were kind enough to bring dinner over earlier in the day.  Bless their hearts, it was a life-saver for my sick, tired self.  And it was delicious!

It really was a sweet day, given the circumstances.  And, granted, people don't need a holiday to prove their love, BUT, it sure is nice to have one anyway.      

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