Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Unsolved mysteries.

Brigham's favorite gift this Christmas was his fish tank.  If our current track record is any indicator of our luck with pets, we best NEVER own anything beyond ants.  (Maybe we ought to rethink our dog-plans for the spring?)

He started out with six fish: a betta, an algae-eater, and four mollies.  That was Saturday.  Sunday, we lost two mollies.  Monday, two more mollies.  Today, the beloved-betta, Cosmo.  Only "Al" remains.  Trusty, scum-eating Al. 

Brigham's heart breaks a little each time we find one belly-up.  He is so vigilant and precise about feeding times and temperatures and water conditions.  He watches his fish all day.  I'm on a mission to solve the mystery of the dying fish.  What, or who, is killing these innocent fish (Lincoln was guilty of manslaughter with one molly)?  Learning about death is natural, healthy.  But death after death after death is a little more than a sweet ten year-old heart can handle!

That's our first trauma. 

Second?  Christmas cards. 

My laws, what am I going to do?  They've sat here, label-less for over two weeks!  Have you ever re-read your Christmas card and wished you could start over?  I would dispose of the letter and just send our pictures, but, unfortunately all the envelopes are SEALED!  Blah.  Double-blah. 

Is it totally ridiculous to send a Christmas card THIS LATE?  I feel foolish.  What should I do, bag it 'til next year?  Ben will REALLY love that.  All his efforts creating a Christmas-card-folding-and-stuffing-assembly-line with the kids would be in vain!  Sometimes I'm so indecisive I drive myself CRAZY!  This leaves us with mystery #2: will you, or will you NOT receive your Carter Christmas letter this year?

Hah, I know you're all eagerly clamoring by your mailboxes, because this IS a pretty important piece of mail.  So important, in fact, that it's the only reason I've bought stamps the ENTIRE year.  That's BIG.

(The more I think about it, the more I realize I should be counting my blessings that my worries consist of unsent-Christmas cards and a fish epidemic.  Believe me, I am VERY grateful.)


Heather said...

send them! nobody cares if it isn't before Christmas (well - i hope so because I didn't send mine until after Christmas!!). Happy New Years ... or Happy Valentine's day! See - it works.

Like that fish tank. We'll hope for the best for those fish.

p.s. i love your baby. his hair is awesome. he looks so sweet.

Marilou said...

Send them!!!

Honey said...

I'm waiting for mine.. Really. :)
Just this morning, I was thinking about sending out a Happy New Year family pic. I haven't sent anything out in 10 years...what the?
I'm sorry about your fish. I hope Al hangs in there.

Shelley Gee said...

Don't send them...it's pretty sad! TOTALLY KIDDING!!! Everyone is going to think I am that scum scucking fish that is left in your tank for that comment...send them. You know we all want them!! Love you!

Alison said...

You're so cute! Send em! I LOVE Christmas cards no matter when they come! :)

Kelley said...

I killed all my fish AND all their replacements in about one month's time before giving up last year. I did every single thing I could think of to test and treat that water, but nothing worked. I've heard that our water in this area is WAY too alkaline...maybe buy a few gallons of water at the store and try again....

Lanette said...

Kelley, GOOD TO KNOW. Thanks for the water info. As I've said before, you're my hero!

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