Thursday, January 26, 2012

I choose kids.

I was visiting with a friend at our kids' Pinewood Derby last night.  Somehow, we started talking about people who choose to have dogs instead of kids.  Let me emphasize one point: you can choose to have dogs instead of kids and be a FANTASTIC person.  However, there's a whole world of ingenuity, hilarity, gratification, and wonder that comes from choosing kids (you CAN, however, have both dogs AND kids, it's like piling on the joy!).

Here's a few reasons why I choose kids:

Because they say things like, "Look, Mommy, we're the same size!"

Because they put on a nursing sports' bra upside-down and say, "Look, Mommy, I'm Mrs. Doubtfire!"

Because you can pretend to EAT them (ferociously) and not get a mouth full of fur.

Because of the look on their faces when they FINALLY win a pinewood derby race.

Because they defy adult versions of reason and logic and create their own.

Because they brush their teeth wearing gloves.

Because they let you discover the wonder of your own hands.

And pose so adorably afterwards.

Because they throw snowballs at Grandpa (much to his chagrin).

Because they see every mistake I make as their mother and still love me. 
And, finally, because they're my babies.


Amy said...

You know, even on a subconscious level I choose kids. Once I dreamt that I was pregnant with kittens and it was the WORST nightmare ever!! Should I sneak them off and drown them before anyone found out? How could I do that, though, because they were mine!?

How could an animal - as much as I like them- ever be as fulfilling as a child?!!!

Yayi said...

Oh my goodness!! you really scored an A+ with this one!!! I loved it!!! and by the way, I'd rather change a poopy diaper than clean dog poop any day!!!

katieo said...

so cute.
love your Dad getting hit with the snowball!
Is that your Mom in the driver seat? Did she laugh? ;)

Janie said...

Love this post and I choose kids too!!! :)

The Pettit Family said...

Oh, how I love your posts!

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