Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas day.

I love the rare occassions when Christmas falls on a Sunday.  Toys and magic and Santa are WONDERFUL, but I loved the added feelings of holiness and wonder when my thoughts turned to the Savior. 

I loved going to church on Christmas day.  I loved that the Bishop of our ward spoke for the entire meeting using only scriptures from the beginning of time through Christ's birth, to his resurrection.  Interspersed was congregational singing of Christmas hymns.  Lovely.  It was a holy day.

BUT, the holy-ness can only last SO long, with happy, crazy kids around.  I tucked away my sacred Christmas moments and relished the time with our kids.  We played and played and played some more.  I think Lincoln was border-line breaking the Sabbath with his pogo stick IN THE HOUSE.  I don't know how many times that blasted toy:) went to time-out.

We had a wonderful Christmas.  We took advantage of every moment having Ben home for an ENTIRE WEEK!  It was hard to send him off to work today.  For me, life is JOYFUL with Ben around.  For the kids, life is crazy and fun with DAD around.

(We DID save the rocket-launching for Monday, however:)). 

And now, with Christmas over, I feel sad and ready to move forward, at the same time.  It's always bitter-sweet.

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