Tuesday, January 31, 2012

About a boy.

In my post about William last week (read it here), I mentioned, among other things, that he's complex, hilarious, and content.  The days following proved my point.  Behold, the fruits of his labors:

Unfortunately, Will forgot to throw a pair of white socks in his backpack for basketball practice after school.  Poor guy had to play ball in these festive beauties:

Let's take a closer look.  Ho, ho, ho!  Nothing like a pair of brown Santa socks and black shoes TOGETHER to make an undeniable fashion statement.  Growing boy meets Grumpy, Old Men. 

I keep wondering when his body will catch up with those feet?  Holy cow, this is going to be one tall, handsome fella.  The complexity of this moment lies in the fact that William was hunky-dory about it all.  Brown socks, black shoes, NO PROBLEM.

On to the hilarious.  Lincoln was mad the other day.  He takes himself straight to his room, door slamming.  I went to check on him because he usually doesn't stay there long, as he'd rather look me in the eye to show his displeasure:).  Sweet little guy had fallen asleep.  He couldn't have put this together, himself.  Whodunnit?  You guessed it.  Will. 

Gotta love that hole in his sock.

I don't know when William is more content than when he's loving on Sammy.  He would be happy to have that baby glued to his hip!  Sammy is smothered with love.  Most often, he's a willing victim.  Other times, not-so-willing.  We all have our limits, right? 

It does my heart good to see these boys melt out of love for their baby brother.  I can't help but think what a great self-taught teaching (redundant?) moment this is for them.  I wonder if they appreciate the chance to drop the tough-guy exterior and love someone, uninhibited? 

I think it gets harder for boys as they become teenagers, needing to act tough, cool, especially around their peers.  And yet, once married, they're allowed to be sweet and mushy again.  It's gotta be hard being a boy. 

I'll count my blessings that I'm the MOTHER of boys.  Uninhibited love is my job (thank heavens)!

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Candy said...

love it! your kids are so funny and really, I'm going to steal your Sammy baby. Just for a couple hours. he is adorable! that hair....that hair is just unbelievable!

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