Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Undies, damage, and smokey-eyes.

I bought Annie some new underpants on Saturday.  She's been begging me to wash them so they'll shrink a bit.  Last night, exasperated, she said,

"Mommy, you're NEVER washing my big, humungous undies!"

Sunday was a morning of disaster (why Sunday's have to be my disaster day is beyond me!).  After one broken glass bread pan and a broken mixer attachment, Annie said,

"Sorry about all this damage."

Also, on Sunday I was googling how to create the smokey-eye look with eye make-up.  After explaining to Ben what I was doing, Lincoln came up to me with questioning eyes,

"Mommy, why do you want to put lil' smokies on your eyes?"

I realize that I am wholly indebted to my children for keeping a healthy perspective about myself. 

Bless those kids!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Love it! Annie sounds so grown up!

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