Thursday, December 22, 2011

Are you getting ready, too?

We decided to get our chores done TODAY, so that we were free to play all through Christmas break!  I love to clean.  That's no lie.  It's my soul food, in a strange sort of way (it's a healthy outlet to work through problems, thinking and cleaning go hand in hand).  One of the commendable qualities I inherited from my angel mother.

My children cleaning WITH me borders on euphoric.  There's something about everyone working together, willingly (key word), with Christmas music playing (essential, at present), that makes sprucing up a home a real delight.  Passing the Windex, shaking out rugs on the front porch, clean-toilets flushing everywhere, asking for work to be inspected (I love that), and, if we're honest, reminding Annie 20x that she has a pile of JUNK that needs to be removed from the stairs, lest someone break his neck.

Annie, sweet girl, kept finding other, more important things to do . . . like wandering around the house.  However, she DID clean all the kitchen chairs and table with Murphy's oil soap, but not before meditating on it a while.  She wiped and scrubbed her little heart out.  In her mind, that was enough work for one day.

Thankfully, we're enjoying the fruits of a ship-shape home, ready for Christmas!  My mom offered to watch the kids tommorow from 3:30-8:30 pm, so we could get all of our wrapping done.  A little excessive, in my opinion.  We don't have that much to wrap.  BUT, maybe Ben and I can grab a little bite to eat, make a date of it?  Wouldn't that be grand?!

I'm feelin' it over here.  Christmas is ALMOST upon us!  Happy day!

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