Thursday, December 15, 2011

All on a winter's day.

We had a skiff of snow yesterday.  I can handle a skiff.  As much as I hate being cold, I still feel a tinge of excitement with the first few snowfalls.  Especially around Christmastime.

When we lived in Arizona I struggled feeling Christmas-cheery because the winter-grass was green and the palm trees were, well, THERE.  Vacation mode.  As much as I felt I'd died an gone to heaven living in AZ, at Christmas I wanted to be where there was snow.  Where I could see my breath outside, feel the crunching of snow beneath my boots (oh, I love that crunching sound), and watch the sunlight twinkle on frosty tree branches.

Brigham keeps praying for more snow.  So sweet.

Annie got all bundled up and went outside for a bit.  I watched her repeatedly ROLL down the CONCRETE steps to our patio!  ROLL DOWN?!  Why that was fun is beyond me.  But, then again, I'm not four years old, either.  It must have been all that padding--coat, snowpants, etc. 

(That reminds me of the toilet paper commercial I watched as a kid, where the kid stuffed his/her clothes with toilet paper, playing football or something?  Do you remember that?  Okay, random.)

(A cup of Ben's AMAZING homemade egg nog.  And, I can't handle the cuteness of this tea-cup I found at a thrift store one day.)

(Will took this picture unbeknownst to me, tweeking Lincoln's nose while talking on the phone.)

Yesterday, my mom told me that if I want Christmas gifts to get where they need to be, I have to send them the next day or so, or they won't make it!  Ahh.  My homemade Christmas gift for my brother's family is NOT DONE!  I'm afraid it won't make it.  Therefore, I'm giving myself permission to watch the LONG version of Pride and Prejudice today, while I work my tail off.

Time to get busy!

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Katie The Lady said...

Mine aren't done either! And, that is the best movie (mini-series) ever!

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