Monday, November 14, 2011

Sam's Blessing.

Sunday, we blessed Sam. 
Samuel Louis Carter.
Named after his great-great grandpa and great grandpa, on Ben's side.

For some reason I always imagine these days as measured, smooth, peaceful, so that they'll forever remain in my memory as the most special of days.  Okay, so maybe that dream was a little too romanticized.  Putting it mildly, the time leading up to the blessing was out of control!
Ben's parents came for the weekend.  We LOVE them.  And yet, the kids always go through this weird crazy phase where they behave out of character.  As if they're too excited so everything is a BIG DEAL,  especially conflict with another sibling or being asked to do their dish job, etc.  Not the picture-perfect family you want your in-laws to see.  Luckily, I know they love us, regardless, but still . . . I'd like us to put our best foot forward.

Sunday was true to form.  Sweet Lincoln aced the task of keeping his siblings wound up.  Always a bundle of energy, I think he had to sit on his bed three times before we left for church.  I had to remove him from the goings-on so the goings-on could keep going on:).  The day you bless your baby is NOT the day to be late for church.
I tried to mangae Sam's feeding/napping schedule so that he'd be asleep for the blessing.  That didn't work.  I went into the mother's room at church so I could feed him one last time.  Every time I'd sit down, BOOM, he'd poop!  Twice I had to unbutton his blessing outfit (six buttons, not snaps) and change him.  Church started and I hadn't fed him.  My mom found me and said it was time to go back to the chapel.  I thought they blessed babies AFTER the sacrament, not BEFORE.  Mom took Sammy while I set myself to rights.  I made it back, but not without stepping on William's toe with my heels as I passed him on our pew.

It was time.  Most thankfully, the blessing went off without a hitch.  Sam was awake, but quiet.  Ben gave Sam such a sweet blessing.  Sam looked beautiful and snug in his little white knit blessing outfit.  My few moments of peace had passed.  Sam started fussing, so I had to leave and feed him.  This time, successfully, but I missed sitting with my family.  My parents, Ben's parents, my grandma, and three aunts all came to support us.  I was so grateful, yet I didn't get to spend any time with them because they had to leave after sacrament meeting.
The end of the day was my favorite, probably because it was calm, slow, easy, and relaxing.  Ben didn't have any meetings after church (we get out at 4:30 pm), so we all went home together.  We ate left-overs from our big family dinner the night before.  And closed our day sitting around the table playing games.  I sure love my family.  So much. 

Some days just don't go as planned.  That's life, I guess.  But we made the best of a crazy day (Tried to, anyway. I think I was a little too grouchy.  Thankfully, kids forgive that kind of stuff.)  We sent them off to bed, warmed by hugs and kisses.  And they were smiling.

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Shelley Gee said...

I wish you would have told me. I would have LOVED to come to Sam's blessing and shared that special/crazy day!

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