Monday, September 12, 2011

Life's randomness.

There are always those little moments, aren't there?

I wanted to get them on the ol' blog because they make me happy. 
Like Brigham's homeade flag and festive outfit for the first BYU football game of the season. 
Or Will and Lincoln reading amongst the mess fort on the patio. 
I couldn't get enough of Ben letting Annie cut his hair.  She was DYING (can you tell?). 
Or the delight that ALL the kids still want to be a part of EVERYTHING we do (i.e. juicing our choke cherries for syrup).   
I think it's because we just have each other pretty much ALL the time. 
Country life means scheduled play dates.
(Which, honestly, rarely happens.  Call me lazy, or, a selfish mother.  Sometimes, I just don't want to share my kiddos with anyone else . . . both--lazy and selfish--would be true, depending on the day:)).

Aside from the randomness, my dad and I are looking at washing machines today!
Big sale at Sears . . . (the front-loader is within my grasp). 
I thought I was going to have this baby on Saturday, but everything stopped (yes, I cried). 
The doctor said I was dilated to 4cm on Friday. 
That's hopeful, but, really, doesn't mean much because I could stay that way for another week, I'm sure (kill me, now).
Annie and I are taking an EXTENSIVE walk in a few minutes.
I keep wishing I had a jump rope . . . that could really help:).

The end/beginning is in sight.  I am SO excited to get ME back.  I've felt so grouchy, impatient, not all, for awhile now.  I can't wait to run and play and jump around and be silly and crazy with my kids again.  I really miss that.  I'm sure they do, too.     


jenifer said...

oh, i am so excited for you! you will be in our thoughts and prayers as you stand here on the precipice... in a few hours your life will be changed forever!! i can't wait to meet this little guy and feel your sixty become seventy!! {at the risk of sounding jewish, i have to add} May God be with you, sister!!

Honey said...

I thought about you a lot this weekend. Good luck with walking, washer shopping and having that baby! :) Can't wait to hear!

Katie The Lady said...

I love your pictures and stories- they always make me smile! (especially Annie shaving his head)! Can't wait to see all the baby pictures!!

belliesue said...

Every post lifts me to a happier state! Thanks Lanette! I keep on checking to see the new addition!!

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