Sunday, June 5, 2011

Update on Lanette's slightly whale-ish transformation.

(I know, there's something weird about the left side of my hair.  Hello, odd mass-chunk o' hair!)

Still pregnant over here.  Feeling a little largish as I approach the last trimester.  I'm still upbeat and positive about the way I look . . . most of the time.  When the whale-ish feelings start I head for the closet and grab the cutest outfit I can . . . that's clean . . . and hasn't been worn twice already that week . . . um, alright, three times, max!  (It's the pants.  You can do that with pants.)

I'm feeling the baby all the time.  In fact, the only way to keep Lincoln in one place at church last week was to count how many times he could feel the baby kick.  He loved that job.  Eyes as bright as can be as he rubbed and prodded.  It's hard to concentrate on the meeting with such abuse (I'm kidding, but he did poke a few times too many).

My appetite is normal, but somehow, the kids's food left on their plates holds a strange power over me.  I can't just throw it away.  As I graze over their plates by the sink, I can't help but wonder what Ben must be thinking as he wisely keeps his mouth shut.  Tight.  Good boy.  Peanut butter, however, is taboo.  Once I start, I can't stop. 

I'm still exercising but I have to work a little harder to get myself there.  I'm so good at finding something, anything, to do to keep me from putting on those running shoes.  Yet, knowing how much better I feel afterwards seems to win out, ONCE every bathroom is clean and laundry folded and dishes put away and floor swept and counters wiped AND disinfected . . . .

I have to walk nearly fifteen minutes before my body is ready to run.  I have major siatic nerve pain in my right side, but the running seems to loosen things up a bit.  I hope I can keep it up until the end.  It is my sanity. 

My legs get worse and worse.  Gosh, it's hard to look at them sometimes.  When I'm done having kids you better believe that I'm saying ADIOS to these veins of mine.  I won't even miss them AT ALL!  And the clevage . . . that is DEFINITELY something I can do without.  Heaven help me.

There's the update, warts and all.  Little guy is going strong.  I'm healthy, he's healthy.  We're doing great, veins notwithstanding.  And I'm ready for another wonderful week of summer!


jenifer said...

you look darling!! and i love your white slip covers... so cute and summery. (you'll have to tell me where you got them!)
can't wait to see you guys this summer and bond with my newest nephew. maybe my job can be to count the kicks??!

Kathy said...

how did i not even know you were preg?????????????????????????? congrats!!!!!!! ps - i posted some memories on facebook. . . .

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