Sunday, June 12, 2011

Think happy thoughts.

I'm home from Church with two sick kiddos.  I woke up to rain and yet another day of battling my stuffy nose.  I wanted to go back to sleep.  However, things are looking up.  The sun is poking through the clouds and the kids are happily watching Swiss Family Robinson, a Carter family favorite, to be sure.

We had a wonderful weekend.  Yard work on Friday, housework done early Saturday.  The rest was fun in the sun.  While I weeded the flower beds, Will followed close behind with a jar of dirt and worms.  Bait.  He was getting ready to fish in the river down our road.  Annie would put the worms on her arm and coo at them.  Yes, coo!  Always a mother, that girl. 

I wasn't too happy to find moose tracks through our garden.  I was about to yell at the kids for trapsing through it, until I looked a little closer.  As if we don't have enough of a struggle WITHOUT a largish mammal taking liberties with our potatoes and peas!

Brigham and Ben started building a go-cart from his scout book.  I had NOTHING to do with that project.  Taking out old lawnmower motors and removing wheels from our dilapidated wagon was enough to convince me to STAY OUT. 

I had other things to enjoy--there's something about a house full of open windows and fresh air.  Don't you agree?

I had several happy moments yesterday.  I wanted to remember them.  Nature, innocent kids, older kids getting older, and older kids still being kids (i.e. following Dad behind the lawnmower . . . on your bike!).

Happy thoughts to you and yours!  XOXO.

p.s. sweet Ben stayed up extra late helping me put together my white-plate wall.  He laughed at me.  I had to rearrange until things "felt" right.  Do you know that feeling?  Ben doesn't.  THAT makes me laugh.  We are so different.  I'll post our adventure tommorow.  It looks beautiful (well, to me, anyways).

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Logan and Tanya said...

DARLING post! And I LOVE your new white furniture! Looks like it's time for me to stop in & take a peek. Hope you are feeling better soon. You were missed at church!

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