Sunday, June 5, 2011

The coolness of cousins.

My kids LOVE visiting their cousins.  I lived too far away to cultivate serious bonds with my cousins (luckily, I love closer now so I'm making up for lost time).  My kids don't realize how lucky they are.  They have too much fun together.  And I love every minute.

Not all kids are like this (I wasn't), but somehow we got lucky.  The older kids of this bunch, who happen to be boys, seem to put their life on hold when we visit.  They let the younger kids dictate what they do, what they play, where they go.  The older just play along, happily, which is NOT NORMAL for 14, 13, and 12 year old boys.  They don't act like their too old or too cool for the younger ones eventhough they're totally studly and very cool.  In fact, they realize a responsibilty to set a good example for the younger kids.  And, boy, do they live up to it.  My boys idolize the older boys, and I don't mind at all because I'm so hoping that they become just like them.

Family you love, not just because they're family, but because they've found their way right to the middle of your heart, is a gift.

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