Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Starring Brigham.

You may remember that I've said Brigham hates being in the spotlight. 

I thought so, too, until today.

The kids in his class did several readers theater plays.  Brigham likes being in the spotlight if he can goof off.  If he has to be serious he clams up.  That's the key.  Comedy.

He was a star today.  I was delighted and impressed with his acting skills.  I guess there is a little of his mother in him.  About 2%.  The rest is Ben.  Let's just say that much of my youth was a performance.  I was not shy about seeking attention.  And that wasn't always a good thing.

This was a fabulous year for Brigham.  3rd grade.  He had a teacher who adored him.  A class of full of friends.  He loved going to school.  I loved watching him in his element. 

1 comment:

Logan and Tanya said...

Way to go, Brigham! You look great!

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