Monday, April 25, 2011

Springy Easter Joy.

I think the Lord was looking out for me this weekend.  He gifted me with three perfect springtime days.  I've said it before: give me sunshine and I'm one happy gal! 

Don't ask about today.  It's not perfect AT ALL.  I'm cold.  It's darkish.  I'm coming close to eating an entire pan of rice krispy treats by myself.  Nuff said.

In church on a sunny, bright Easter Sunday, one of our leaders said he imagined the day of the Lord's resurrection to be like that very day.  I imagine it like that, too.  It makes sense to me for Father in Heaven to make the most joyful of all days a beeeautiful spring day.  Sun and hope and rejoicing.

I think my photos will tell our weekend story just as well as words (minus Sunday.  I didn't take any pictures on Sunday, oops).  We revelled in the reverence and fun of the easter season (not to mention a birthday for William squeezed in there, too).  Both are magical.  Both are special in different ways.  There was time and room for it all, the Lord and easter egg hunts.

Somehow, eventhough there was always something to be done, I felt calm and peaceful.  I didn't go overboard on anything, I didn't expect grandeur.  It was simple, we were happy, and it was enough.  I love when you find the perfect balance, even if just for a moment, a weekend...

 (Briggs and BFF, Lizzie)

 (William and BFF, Jace.)

(The Carter 8 year old rite of passage: the BB-gun)

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jenifer said...

so, i was up in the middle of the night (because such is my life) and i started thinking about you guys... and, i was thinking about annie's 3 easter dresses... and, i was trying to guess which dress you picked. i thought i would get to see her in all her easter glory on your post today... but, maybe i'll have to wait. just thought you'd like to know, the suspense is killing me. :) hope your day gets better. sending love from texas!

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