Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Order and Chaos.

(There's something so cute about a sweet little mouth stuffed with a whole lotta noodles.)

Ben and I have felt motivated to establish more order in our home: in our own lives, in the kids', in the home itself.  This is a big step, Grand Canyon-ish, for me because I'm somewhat a last minute, happy-go-lucky, fun-is-key sort of person.  Youngest-born, that's my excuse.  Not that I'm messy, I'm actually a clean freak.  But planning ahead, creative parenting solutions, etc. is a different story.  I'd rather make everyone conform to MY way of life, but alas, my way isn't the best for everyone in my family.  So, suck it up, Lanette, it's time to get to work!

We're trying to be more proactive and less reactive, as parents.  Offense instead of Defense.  Think of it like the contrast between preventative medicine and curative medicine, but in a multi-faceted family-wellness sense. 

We're trying some new things to help our kids become aware and take more personal responsibilty.

And, we're going through the house, trying to make it more efficient, ordered, simplified. 

This sounds BIG, but it's really just taking control again when we've floated along for a while (it's so easy to do that).  To be honest, I'm liking this so far.  When there is order, everyone understands what's expected of them.  Life is easier (aka I am less frustrated).  More managable.  I feel purposeful and I can tell that our family is more united.  We're working towards a common goal.  I want us to WANT to be around eachother, to WANT to be together, and putting our home in order makes that desire more of a reality.  We're happier, all of us, because we feel useful, important, which transfers to being happier with eachother, too.

I'm hoping our plans are realistic, that we can be consistent.  I'm not expecting perfection (hah, that's like shooting myself in the foot).  I'm just hoping we can keep striving to be good, better, and have a little fun while we're at it.  keep your fingers crossed.

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