Tuesday, February 1, 2011


If I help with another science project it will be too soon! 

I had stress dreams all night about successive childrens' science projects, cub scout advancements, eagle scout ranks, etc.  I'm wondering if I can do it?  Wait, rephrase, I know THEY can do it, but can I handle keeping them on track without becoming a stress case?  Sometimes parenting overwhelms me.  It ususally happens when I cram years of my childrens' lives into one 5-minute period.  I don't recommend it.  OVERWHELMING.  [Whenever I type "overwhelm" I think of my high school english teacher who hated that word because it's redundant.  It should be "whelm."  Just whelm.  Funny, the things we remember.] 

I have no one to blame but myself.  I thought the project wasn't due until after Valentine's Day.  I was wrong.  Due on Wednesday.  THIS Wednesday.  Brigham kept asking to work on it, and me [know-it-all Mom] kept putting it off until the weekend . . . when DAD would be home.  Oh, these sweet children.  Will they ever survive with their mother?  I wonder sometimes.  I'm not all bad, however.  I have my glory moments.  Hey . . . I do, really.  I just tend to share my more embarassing ones with the world.  Embarassment loves company.  Commiseration.

William came to my resuce last night.  I had no Family Home Evening lesson planned due to our science project fiasco with Brigham.  Will said he had it covered [such a cool-guy].  He was so tender talking about spiritual things.  This is not normal.  He's my joker.  He was teaching us about getting to heaven and not "going astray" because Satan wants to get us and "squish the goodness out of us."  I was so thankful for him.  It reminded me of the time last week when Ben was gone and it was just me and the kids for dinner.  He came up to me, at the sink, where I was starting on the dishes, and said, "I'll take care of these."  My sweet boy. 

As the kids get older it's so cool to watch them step up without being asked [like, whoa, when did you grow up?].  It doesn't happen all the time, but when it does, my heart smiles.  They're becoming.  That's what matters. 

I'm still waiting for them to think that burping and tooting aren't funny.  Not sure if that will ever happen . . .

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Candy said...

agh. Jacey is doing science fair here too, we just turned in the papers yesterday. She was begging to do it, as she does with everything extra like that. My brain was like, "Really? Do you have to do EVERYTHING? Can't you just not participate and slack? Come on." But alas, I tried to be a good mom and we are doing the science fair.

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