Friday, January 21, 2011


Green eggs and ham for breakfast, anyone?  You should've come to our house this morning.  Just between you and me, "I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them, Sam I Am."  I have yet to think that green eggs look appealing in any way, shape, or form.  But I'd never tell my kids that, it would ruin the fun.   

We had a great teaching moment--no green food coloring.  I played the fool while the kids told me which colors, mixed together, make green.  Annie's eyes were full of wonder.  That was new to her.

I had to drive the kids to school in a crazy fog.  It was hanging low, so we watched the sun come up through the fog while the moon still glowed in the west.  They kept looking back and forth, back and forth, faces all aglow and smiles.  Will and Lincoln's eyes were full of wonder.  I have to admit even I was impressed, it was beautiful.  I was kicking myself that I hadn't brought my camera [I usually keep it in my purse...except today].  My eyes instinctively look for great pictures while I drive.

I figured out a challenge to get me through the winter.  I am so cold in my house that even if I wear three shirts, I'm barely comfortable temperature-wise.  [Some might say turn up the thermostat.  It's at 75!  My family is sweltering as it is.]  Soooo, every day I look for new ways to layer my clothes.  I've surprised myself how I can reinvent an outfit, mixing and matching things I'd never thought would go together.  I'm having oodles of fun with tops and belts and scarves.  You can make practically anything seem cool and stylish if you wear it with confidence.  I'm full of wonder as I see my closet with new eyes.  And I'm sure Ben's eyes are full of wonder as he looks at our banking online and the numbers are still the same!!

I hope you have a day that fills YOUR eyes with wonder in some small way.  I bet you will.


Heather said...

so hey! I've been that freezing cold this winter too... like extreme, even for me. What's up with that. I keep warming up water to drink since i can't have anything cold. Brrr... hope it warms up for us sometime soon!

Shelley Gee said...

Hey, go out and get some thermals! I can't believe the cold, and this is coming from the person who wears a jacket all winter long. "It's COLD!!!"

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