Thursday, January 6, 2011


Don't think I'm a hermit.  Well, go ahead, because I amI haven't left the house in days, which is why I saw the world today with fresh eyes.  I can't imagine what someone who is blind would think, having received his sight, looking all around him.

I wonder what God would say if I asked what was most beautiful to him?  Okay, that was a dumb question.  I already know the answer.  He would say, Us, his children.  And then I'd have to say [as if THIS was my first question], "Besides us, what is most beautiful to you?"  And then, I wonder what he'd say?

(Here's the cool part about this picture.  Look a little to the right of the picture, like at your sidebar, don't focus on anything, and see if you catch the ray of light on the right-hand side of the pic.  Can you see it?)


(Do you see what I see?)

(Sunset out our front door)


Janie said...

That is beautiful! When I first moved to Ferntucky, I did not like the snow. Now I have a nice appreciation for it and even find myself excited for it to come when winter arrives. I love the purity of it. I love seeing the Temple in that one picture. I am assuming it is the temple I see. Hope you have a fabulous day!! :)

Candy said...

those pictures make me cold! This WY girl has turned into such a wuss apparently. I'm up here in my NW rain and I love it! No snow in site!

gorgeous sunset and I love seeing the temple.

Poulsen Family said...

You really have a talent for taking pictures! I'm interested to know what camera you have?

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